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Bug#601596: Joining the TTS team

I am interested in joining the Debian TTS team that seems
Jean-Philippe Mengual is going to create soon.

I am just starting into Debian (I come from Ubuntu) and I have had
some experience with festival and speech-tools so I believe I might be
of some help,
however I am not a Debian Developer or Debian Maintainer so don't
expect me to know a lot about the debian workflow (although I am
willing to learn) :-)

Also, I would like to package (and maintain) Festival's Catalan
support (festival-ca and one or two Catalan HTS voices).

It seems that it is needed to contact other maintainers of other TTS
packages to ask them to join the future TTS team.
I will try to find email addresses and contact them ten days from now
(I expect to have some free time then) if it is still needed and
everyone thinks this is fine.

I am looking forward to all this.



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