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Bug#588219: ca-certificate's maintenance

On 09/07/2011 06:49 PM, Raphael Geissert wrote:
> Stefan doesn't seem to be active, at least regarding the adoption of ca-certs.

I have not received a reply from Stefan, either.

> Michael: Thijs and I are interested in maintaining ca-certificates. What were 
> your plans regarding its maintenance?

I would like to help :-)

I pulled the latest git repo that I could find (which was quite a few
releases behind) and committed the last couple releases to have a place
to start.  I emailed Philipp Kern and asked if he had a repository that
was more current, and again about a week ago to ask a couple other
questions about his ideas on redesigning the package, which he mentioned
in an email, but I haven't heard back (I know he's crazy busy :-) ).

I've worked a bit on a local clone, working thru some of the existing
bugs and I've been looking at how ca-certificates is used in other
reverse dependencies.  I've sort of been waiting to see if there is
another repo to start with, before going too far and needing to rewrite
lots of history.

> I think we should setup a git repo in collab-maint or something.

I also just asked to be added to collab-maint for precisely the same
reason - I think it would be a good place for maintenance of the package.

My repo is a clone of pkern's with the last couple versions commited on top:

Kind regards,

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