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Bug#597053: [pkg-cli-apps-team] Bug#597053: ITP: sparkleshare -- git-backed file sharing and collaboration tool


On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 11:45:32AM +0200, martin f krafft wrote:
also sprach Iain Lane <laney@ubuntu.com> [2010.09.16.1003 +0200]:
* Package name    : sparkleshare
  Version         : 0.2~beta1

SparkleShare is a syncing and collaboration tool that is designed
to get out of your way, to make sharing documents and
collaboration easier, and to make peers aware of what you are

Is it a GUI? Is it a command-line tool? I find the description
rather generic, it does not give me a real idea of what I am dealing

It's a service which runs in your user session and tracks changes to
files in the watched directory as git commits. This means that, in
addition to using your desktop environment to interact with the files,
you can also use git to examine the history. Syncing to remote git
repositories is also transparent. The tool is designed for
collaboration, rather than backup as in e.g. Dropbox.

Sorry if the description was unclear, and thanks for your
feedback. I'll improve it.

Are there .debs for testing already?

No. I might provide some unofficial preview packages soon, but the
software is still rather experimental. In the meantime, it's pretty
easy to build (standard autotools), once you have all of the build
dependencies installed. There aren't many, and they are all in Debian

I'll keep this bug updated with information when the situation


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