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Bug#467375: Sakura for Debian

Hi Andrew SB, Norbert,

Norbert Preining wrote:
> On Di, 18 Mai 2010, Andrew SB wrote:
>> If you take over the ITP, feel free to look at/use the package I've
>> been maintaining in Ubuntu.

I am glad some of you are interested on Sakura too. :)

> Oh, nice. But why don't you upload that to Debian? As far as I see there are
> no problems to upload it as is.
> I assume you know about DD and DM status, and I can sponsor packages
> for Debian. Why duplicate effords here?

I think Andrew BS probably think I am blocking everyone to upload here.

Actuality I'd like to have this in Debian for a long time and still will
to have it available in Debian.

However my question was does Sakura supports share one processs for
all tabs to reduce memory usage? I'd love to have Sakura package in
Debian if it fits the quality.

Best regards,


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