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Bug#570053: ITA: blender -- Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer

Rafael Cunha de Almeida <rafael@kontesti.me> (17/05/2010):
> Hello Cyril,


> I'm CCing this e-mail to you just to ask, when you say 
> 	Enable the "security patch" again.
> what patch are you talking about? I looked at unstable's patches
> directory for the word security, but I didn't find anything. Is that
> some debian terminology I'm not familiar with?

that'd be 02_tmp_in_HOME, which has been submitted upstream a long
long long time ago and never got merged. The idea is that by default,
a file named /tmp/quit.blend (IIRC) is created when the session
ends. Also, temporary files are created in /tmp without any of the
usual flags to prevent symlink attacks and the like.

This patch was aimed at putting everything temporary under user's
$HOME instead.

> - Finally move 2.50 alpha 0 to unstable.

Apparently, it's more GPU-intensive than 2.49 so you may want to take
extra care if you want to move 2.50 to unstable. Some users might not
be able to use Blender at all, like say Intel users.

Good luck with everything.


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