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Bug#535691: Bug #535691,RFH: munin -- help packaging 1.3 to experimental and report bugs upstream


On Sonntag, 27. September 2009, Tom Feiner wrote:
> I committed the non-debian specific changes to trunk, not through patches.
> I spoke to Nicolai, and he said that it's ok to fix these kind of trivial
> issues (such as http://munin.projects.linpro.no/changeset/2471) directly in
> trunk, and its even OK for not such trivial issues as he's looking at
> commits and will keep an eye to make sure everything is in order.

Cool! (And as said: I assumed that, but just wanted to be sure :)

> I think 
> this is the best way, as then we don't need so many patches on top of the
> orig.tar.gz, and the rest non-debian munin users will benefit from the
> fixes as well.


> OK, I'll leave /var/www/munin as is until we're sure of what we want to do
> about it.

Yup, I see it at each upload and should probably just write this mail to 
debian-devel... doing so now :-)


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