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Bug#514390: libpoe-component-server-soap-perl and Depends needed to run tests

block 514390 by 520194
block 514390 by 525300
block 514390 by 512774
block 514390 by 519771
block 514390 by 499402

On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 02:58:41AM -0600, René Mayorga wrote:
> But since my lack of time on this days, I leave some depends that
> still need to be ITPed, so, if someone have enough free time
> and want to help  will be appreciated.

That will apparently require packaging Perl::Metrics::Simple,
Test::CheckChanges, Test::CheckManifest, Test::Dir, Test::HasVersion,
Test::Signature, and Test::UseAllModules, and any dependencies that
those have, in addition to poking the owners of the above listed ITPs.

Ryan Niebur

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