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Bug#516351: update

Op maandag 23-03-2009 om 23:52 uur [tijdzone -0400], schreef MK:
> hmmm...I haven't noticed this, and I actually use a different provider 
> most of the time.  Perhaps it is the date or geography?  Anyway, I may 
> have somewhere, such as I will submit to sourceforge, which is very 
> slow -- perhaps debian has somewhere I could ftp it, the site is only a 
> few megs and all client side javascript?

No worries. My provider could be blocked. At work the connection is
okay. If you don't get any other complaints you shouldn't bother...

> I will add some kind of short web "intro to see" later this week, 
> trying to demonstrate how I envision it's use particularly under GNOME.
> --MK


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