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Bug#492696: Adding Padre to Debian

Padre 0.16 has been released.

On Tue, Nov 4, 2008 at 9:25 AM, Gabor Szabo <szabgab@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> > * dependencies
>>> >  META.yml states a dependency on Wx::Perl::Dialog. However, I failed
>>> >  to find any reference to that module in the padre distribution.
>>> >  File/Open and Edit/Find dialogs appear ok (i.e. no crash). Perhaps
>>> >  the dependency can be removed?
>>> Wow, you really did look into that code!
>> Of course I did. This explains why it takes so much time to prepare
>> a package for Debian even when we have most of the dull work automated
>> :)
>>> That was my plan for world domination to get all kinds of modules into
>>> Debian by prereqing them in Padre but my cover was blown now :-)
>>> I'll either remove it or make use of it soon.
>> Fair enough. I dropped the dependency from the package for now.
> FYI It is still in the same required but not used state.

As part of the code of Padre was moved to Wx::Perl::Dialog,
now it is a real requirement :-)

Please let me know what else can I do to speed up the inclusion
of Padre in Debian?


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