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Bug#470091: ltp package in Debian

On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 02:29:40AM +0200, Jiří Paleček wrote:
> >Ok, uploading to experimental.

> Thank you. I hope it builds, it's time for prayers :-)


In the right side, you see the "buildd: exp" link, which will inform
you of the experimental builds once the builds start.

> >One more thing I noticed, your changelog omit
> >the last two uploads:

> >http://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/main/l/ltp/current/changelog

> Thanks for noticing that. IIUC, that means the bugs will be automatically  
> reopened in the BTS, right?

The archive is not smart enough to do that :) besides, your upload was
to experimental.

> I ve checked out the README.Debian and will push it into the repository.

> The other things are probably dealt with. The c++ thing is solved by not  
> building the files in questions (BTW it's also fixed upstream), bashisms  
> should be OK, and the OPEN_MAX thing is fixed upstream.

Ok, thanks for checking.

Brtw, do you intend to apply for Debian Developer ( https://nm.debian.org )
or Debian Maintainer ( http://wiki.debian.org/Maintainers ) ? For both
cases you need to get your key signed by a Debian Developer.

"rm -rf" only sounds scary if you don't have backups

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