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Bug#492696: Adding Padre to Debian

-=| Gabor Szabo, Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 08:14:55PM +0300 |=-
> Padre 0.05 has been released that - based on the test reports
> seem to work on Debian as it is.

Two obstacles:
 * required File-ShareDir version 1.00 is not yet available in Debian. 
   Version 0.05 is available, but it has a grave bug about the layout 
   of the shared data. Bug filed and marked as blocking padre package
 * Modules unavailable in Debian:
   - Module::Inspector
   - Probe::Perl
   - File::LocalizeNewLines

I started work on Module::Inspector, but it has unpackaged 
dependencies on ots own so no quick progress could be made.

I shall prepare a list of all missing modules and post a request for 

Is Padre intended to pull all of CPAN into Debian? :-)

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