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Bug#493109: ITP: json-static -- JSON validator and converter for OCaml

	Hi Miles !

Le Sunday 03 August 2008 11:41:50 Miles Bader, vous avez écrit :
> Shouldn't the package name include "ocaml" somewhere?  Doesn't ocaml
> have some sort of standard package/library package-naming convention?
> Something like this is pretty clearly language specific (many languages
> have json i/o libraries).  Including "ocaml" in the package name would
> both be much more convenient for the user (when searching for something
> like a json support library, often one must wade through a lot of
> inapplicable packages), and safer against future name collision to
> include ocaml.

There is a difference between the source package name and the binary package 

The source package name is usually not seen by the end user, and I believe 
it's good when it is closed to the original project's name.

But the binary package, the one that will be installed by the user will be 
called "libjson-static-camlp4-dev", so I think it answers your question.

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