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Bug#428311: Packages awaiting sponsorship (fsvs)

On Sun Dec 09 21:39, Sheldon Hearn wrote:
> On Sunday 09 December 2007 18:41:27 Matthew Johnson wrote:
> > Sheldon, if you change the description and check everything still
> > works with 1.1.11, then send me a new source package I'll upload it.
> It never rains, it pours. :-)
> We now have two people offering to sponsor the package: Mario and 
> Matthew.
> Matthew, Mario had some criticisms for my package, so I've copied you 
> in.  I've also copied in the author, who's taken an interest in the 
> effort 

Well, I don't mind either way who sponsors. Mario's suggestions are all
good ones and what I would do in my own packages I just wouldn't
necessarily call them show stoppers.


Matthew Johnson

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