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Bug#428311: Packages awaiting sponsorship (fsvs)

On Sunday 09 December 2007 18:41:27 Matthew Johnson wrote:
> Sheldon, if you change the description and check everything still
> works with 1.1.11, then send me a new source package I'll upload it.

It never rains, it pours. :-)

We now have two people offering to sponsor the package: Mario and 

Matthew, Mario had some criticisms for my package, so I've copied you 
in.  I've also copied in the author, who's taken an interest in the 

> Here some technical/cosmetical comments about your package:
> Ok, the config.* files are ugly but you can't do a lot against them,
> I recommend you to read
> /usr/share/doc/autotools-dev/README.Debian.gz.

It was that document that led me to believe I should update config.sub 
and config.guess from /usr/share/misc.  Did I do the wrong thing?

> Making changes by hand outside of debian/ is also ugly, as you did
> for the Makefile. There are two "clean" solutions:
> 1) Just use the few distclean statements in debian/rules byhand
> instead uf calling make distclean.
> 2) Write a patch (maybe dpatch, quilt) and apply it during build
> time.

I'll go with the patch approach.  I prefer patches over the 
debian-specific approach, because they serve as candidates for upstream 
inclusion. :-)

> The debian/changelog can then also be reduced... Ah btw, what was the
> technical reason to run autoconf?

I was about to say "I don't remember, it was so long ago" and then took 
a long.  I don't think I run autoconf during the build?

> In the debian/rules file you could remove the lines which are
> commented out from the template.

Great, will do.

> If you fix those issues, you have me as a sponsor... Just ask when
> you're ready.

So _this_ is a first for me.  I'm used to my packages (all two of them) 
rotting away on mentors.debian.net, so I'm not sure how to handle the 
situation where _two_ DDs offer to sponsor.  Do you guys play a round 
of rock, paper, scissors? :-)

While that's happening, I'll address Mario and Philipp's concerns, take 
the new package for a spin and upload it to mentors.debian.net if I 
don't run into problems.

Philipp, sorry I haven't made any progress on the doc front.  
Regrettably, I don't think I'll have time for it for the next couple of 

Also, just to manage your expectations, the package will feature in 
unstable, then testing, but won't make it down to stable until the next 
major release.  But I'll be happy to supply stable backports for you to 
make available for download from Tigris.


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