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Bug#428311: Packages awaiting sponsorship (fsvs)

On Sun Dec 09 16:11, Philipp Marek wrote:
> On Sunday 09 December 2007 Matthew Johnson wrote:
> > However, we would certainly like to work closely with you as upstream.
> > Sheldon is the maintainer, so it's up to him where he keeps the debian
> > packaging, if he'd like to keep it in your VCS so you can both work in
> > it, that's absolutely fine, but I'd suggest having it separate to the
> > upstream source, so that both can be released independently.
> That I don't understand ... how does the release cycle depend on where the 
> debian data is?

Debian releases won't coincide exactly with upstream releases. We need
to do integration tests after you release and may well release more
frequent debian revisions than upstream releases to either fix bugs
ahead of your release cycle or change things which are unrelated to
anything outside debian. This is particularly true when fsvs becomes
part of a stable debian release. If there are any security or other
critical bugs, fixes to these will be backported to the version in
stable, we don't use new upstream releases to fix stable. These bugs
will be fixed in the debian diff and the upstream tarball will remain
the same. This allows us to more easily audit that the changes to the
stable distribution are the minimum possible to fix the bug.

Even the packages which I am both upstream and maintainer for I keep the
upstream sources separate from the debian packaging.

> What my question aims at: I already have a "make-release" script; if there'd 
> be something like "change version number in debian/..." (and/or something 
> else), it would be no more work - and the debian package could be easier kept 
> up-to-date.

I'm not averse to something like that (actually you have to add a new
changelog entry), but you don't want to have to make a new upstream
release every time something changes in the debian packaging, so they
would have to be structured in such a way that they are released

For reference, we have a lot of tools to make this easier such as
svn-buildpackage. This will automatically get the upstream tarball from
a different directory and integrate the debian dir in svn with it to
create the debian source package and then build it.

Matthew Johnson

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