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Bug#428311: Packages awaiting sponsorship (fsvs)

On Sun Dec 09 09:59, Philipp Marek wrote:
> On Sunday 09 December 2007 Matthew Johnson wrote:
> > Hi, I noticed your RFS and would be happy to sponsor the package. It
> > looks in pretty good shape, I'm just trying it out here.
> >
> > How much do you use it? had any problems? (I have an ulterior motive,
> > I'm wondering about using it in a production system).
> If that would be considered a Good Thing(TM), I'd like to take the debian/ 
> subdirectory on board, ie. put it along the sources.
> The vict^H^H^H^Hvolunteer could even have commit access :-)

It's usually considered good practice to keep the debian packaging
separate from the upstream source; our source distribution provides:

   - an orig.tar.gz, which is the upstream tarball verbatim (if
   - a diff.gz which is any debian patches and the contents of the
     debian/ directory.

However, we would certainly like to work closely with you as upstream.
Sheldon is the maintainer, so it's up to him where he keeps the debian
packaging, if he'd like to keep it in your VCS so you can both work in
it, that's absolutely fine, but I'd suggest having it separate to the
upstream source, so that both can be released independently.

It's nice to have a responsive upstream maintainer (-:

Matthew Johnson

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