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Bug#358189: ITP: gaupol -- A subtitle editor for text-based subtitles

David Pashley:
> I think that makes it much clearer what the package is for. It might
> be worth mentioning videos and DVDs for people searching using
> apt-cache. It might be worth putting it on the short description.
> Something like:
> A subtitle editor for videos and DVDs

"Subtitle editor for videos" is very misleading as Gaupol actually edits
plain text files. Gaupol has nothing to do with DVDs. "text-based"
should be included to make it clear that Gaupol has nothing to do with
VobSubs, which are image-based subtitles.

I'd recommend using "Subtitle editor for text-based subtitles" or
"Subtitle editor for text-based subtitle files" as the one-line
description. Some apps also refer to text-based subs as "DivX
subtitles", but I don't quite like that as a description.

Maybe you can mention something about text-based subtitles being
commonly used with DivX video in the longer description to be more clear
and to get some useful search terms included.

Osmo Salomaa
Gaupol developer

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