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Bug#342859: ITP: fluxus -- Scheme script interpreter that creates graphics live with audio and OSC input data

Hi Javier !

Since I am not a Debian Dev yet unfortunately (just co-maintainer), and if you
are one (are you ?), it would be better that I become your co-maintainer.. If
not, we could find a sponsor...
Anyway, I'll try to fix this bug...

Cheers !
Guillaume Pellerin

PS: your http address seems to be wrong...

Javier Candeira a écrit :
> Benjamin,
> I was about to do an ITP for fluxus when I came across yours. My packages
> for fluxus_0.8 are at http://hiperactivo.com/~kandinski/packages/fluxus/
> I have also packaged version 0.9rc1, but I am not putting it up for download
> till we solve some problems that I think are upstream bugs:
> http://lists.pawfal.org/pipermail/fluxus-pawfal.org/2006-March/000341.html
> I am telling you in case you would like to have me as a co-maintainer or any
> other type of collaboration.
> Regards,
> -- javier candeira


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