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Bug#304819: spca5xx debian package

Stephen Birch <sgbirch@imsmail.org> writes:

> Okay .. I have looked over both packages and the kanotix one is
> slightly more polished of the two IMHO. They are both good :-)


> I copied the code to here and can set up a SVN repos tomorrow as required.
> http://imsmail.org/spca5xx

Will look at it tomorrow.

> I have not used Alioth before but have taken your suggestion and
> registered the package, can you guide me a little on the procedure.  I
> am hoping to get you and the the other two packagers to all be project
> participants if they wish.

Sure. You're free to ask anything you need.

Add me as project member since I can fix problems on package when I
found. I won't be very active on it since I already work on so many
projects and need to manage it. 

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