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Bug#304819: spca5xx debian package

Hi Itay (and other interested folks)

Itay Ben-Yaacov(nib_maps@yahoo.com)@2005-09-22 06:50:
> Of course I have no problem of you taking my package and building upon it, or of being
> co-maintainer.  On the other hand, I do not understand why you wish to remove changelog entries,
> and do not give you my permission to do so.


I didn't mean to upset you in any way - the only reason for suggesting
fresh changelog is that there is no history in Debian.  I now
understand your position and will of course honor it, but that is
exactly why I asked!
> Finally, a word for the record.  I packaged this back in April (if I am to trust my own
> changelogs) at which time I heard from the author about Stephen.  I informed Stephen about my
> package and heard back that he already "owned the rights to package" spca5xx-source.  So I kept my

You put a negative spin on this

> own package on a private repository since then.
> I find Stephen's handling of the situation questionable.

Ouch ... Not fair. My intentions are sound, I simply wanted to avoid
using a sponsor and fully expected my DD application to complete very

It so happens that one of my other packages containing a new upstream
release is still stuck waiting for the sponsor to get around to
uploading.  There is no way I wanted to repeat that experience.

The real problem is the NM process. You just wait and wait and wait
and wait.  I am not alone here, many people just give up and go
elsewhere but I strongly believe in Debian.


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