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Bug#304819: spca5xx debian package

Otavio Salvador(otavio@debian.org)@2005-09-22 11:01:
> I think you should be the maintainer of it. Also, I think this kinda


Now I am stunned.

1. My reasons for not wishing to use a sponsor are valid.

2. It was quite reasonable to expect that my NM would complete soon and so
the anticipated short delay of spca5xx was reasonable.

3. When it became clear that several people wanted the package I
agreed to stop waiting for the never ending NM and use a sponsor.

4. I write a very polite email to the two packagers who have worked on
this letting them know what is happening and I copied all interest parties.

And then...

You propose hijacking the package!!!!!  Why on earth would you do
that?  I am playing very much by the rules.

> So everybody will be happy and finally we'll have the package getting
> in.

That exactly what I am doing. Sigh.

Guys, work with me!


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