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Bug#304819: spca5xx upload

Otavio Salvador @ 2005-08-24 (Wednesday), 14:09 (-0300)
> Hello,

Good evening,

> I'm really interested to have spca5xx include on Debian and, if you
> want, help you to maintain it. I have a ready patch to it to include
> my webcam support and already sent it to upstream too.
> If you don't have problems, I can sponsor the package while your
> account isn't create on Debian.

Since I was in the To-field and the bug Cc:ed, I must assume you are
directing your mail to me.

Currently Stephen Birch is the ITP:er. I can guess from previous posts
to this bug, and private mails, that he has lost some of his faith with

As long as he intends to package it I think he should. However, if he
decides to step back on this ITP, I actually wouldn't mind taking it

So Stephen, is there any progress here or do you feel like passing the

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