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Bug#322357: fail2ban debian package

Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
> I've packaged fail2ban and I am keeping in touch with upstream author.
> As you can see from a message below - fail2ban was sponsored,
> duploaded to Debian archive already and hopefully becomes
> available there soon. Thus there is no need of hijacking it. I would
> appreciate any comments if you see any problems with packaging. And
> thank you for filing ITP bug ;-)

Notifying an *external* person about the intention to upload the package
for Debian is not hijacking. Especially since there was no ITP.

A short time before I uploaded I noticed the package in the NEW queue so
dropped my action on it. It's not like I'm missing things to do, so I'll
leave it to you to maintain the package.

A few comments:
 - Don't forget to close the ITP with a message to nnn-done@ once the
package is accepted.
 - Moving the Python code to /usr/share is incorrect, it should be in
/usr/lib for FHS since Python has host dependent byte code. Check and
read the Debian Python package policy.

С уважением,

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