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Bug#280165: dssi packages


I have installed the packages and they work nicely, good work!

To have some more synths, I created debian packages for dssi-fluidsynth, hexter, xsynth-dssi, dssi-vst, ll-scope, and sineshaper (see http://willem.engen.nl/debian/ ; I'm not a regular debian package creator, so they're probabely not perfect). Every package needed some s/dssi >= [0-9.]+/dssi0.9/ for configure* (pkg-config) and the destination of plugins had to be changed from /usr/lib/dssi to /usr/lib/dssi/0.9. In dssi-vst however, I found ~/.dssi hardcoded. Might this also have to become ~/.dssi/0.9 or ~/.dssi-0.9? For the rest, I see no problems. Your question about fluidsynth in debian/TODO might be resolved, as a separate package is released.

- Willem

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