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Bug#321178: A couple of points...

On 8/4/05, Lior Kaplan <webmaster@guides.co.il> wrote:

> Of course we're not OSI, but don't forget that the OSI document
> originates in the DFSG. And I prefer to give them something that would
> be relevant also for other distros, not just Debian.

Perhaps I'm just too much of a stickler for the truth, but I
personally think it would have been better to explain this briefly to
George Harker instead of knowingly giving him incorrect information
for the sake of convenience. Anyway...

It's pretty safe to say that any DFSG-free license will also meet the
Open Source Definition, whereas not all OSI-approved licenses are
considered DSFG-free. (There's contention as to the freeness of choice
of venue clauses and termination clauses relating to patent
litigation, among other things). So if universal acceptance of a
license amongst the distros is what you're after, then the DFSG are
the yardstick you should be promoting, not OSI's OSD.


Andrew Saunders

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