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Bug#312740: Request regarding ROTE library

a patch to add that funcionality would be most welcome. As for the
reading of the pty descriptor, I guess there should be an interface
function for returning it, rather than moving the field to rote.h.
That way binary compatibility won't be broken.

I'm a little short on time so I'll do those modifications after july
4. But if any of you want to send me a patch for that I'll apply it
right away!

Thanks for the continued interest in my software,

On 6/23/05, Roberto C. Sanchez <roberto@familiasanchez.net> wrote:
> Bruno,
> I am working on packaging your ROTE library for Debian, as I am also
> packaging anyterm, which depends on ROTE.  I have a couple of requests.
> First, would it be possible for you to modify the library build process
> to create a librote.a and librote.la for inclusion in the development
> version of the library package?
> Second, would it be possible for you to include the information from
> roteprivate.h used by anyterm [0] in the rote.h header?  I ask this
> becuase it is not possible for the Debian package build system to make
> roteprivate.h, which is only in the source of rote, available during the
> build of anyterm.  This leaves only a couple of options, none of which
> are acceptable.  Specifically, the anyterm pacakge would need to
> include a copy of roteprivate.h (which would couple the two packages too
> tightly), or Phil would need to include a copy of the rote source in
> anyterm, which misses the point of a library.
> I have emailed Phil about this, but this is not a very high priority for
> him since the current setup works for him and the changes we need to
> make this happen will cause you difficulties by breaking binary
> compatibility in your library.
> If you would be willing to accept patches for inclusion in the next
> release or if there is anything else we can do, please let me know.
> -Roberto
> [0] http://anyterm.org/1.1/install.html
> --
> Roberto C. Sanchez
> http://familiasanchez.net/~sanchezr

Bruno Takahashi C. de Oliveira

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