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Bug#312740: Request regarding ROTE library


I am working on packaging your ROTE library for Debian, as I am also
packaging anyterm, which depends on ROTE.  I have a couple of requests.

First, would it be possible for you to modify the library build process
to create a librote.a and librote.la for inclusion in the development
version of the library package?

Second, would it be possible for you to include the information from
roteprivate.h used by anyterm [0] in the rote.h header?  I ask this
becuase it is not possible for the Debian package build system to make
roteprivate.h, which is only in the source of rote, available during the
build of anyterm.  This leaves only a couple of options, none of which
are acceptable.  Specifically, the anyterm pacakge would need to
include a copy of roteprivate.h (which would couple the two packages too
tightly), or Phil would need to include a copy of the rote source in
anyterm, which misses the point of a library.

I have emailed Phil about this, but this is not a very high priority for
him since the current setup works for him and the changes we need to
make this happen will cause you difficulties by breaking binary
compatibility in your library.

If you would be willing to accept patches for inclusion in the next
release or if there is anything else we can do, please let me know.


[0] http://anyterm.org/1.1/install.html

Roberto C. Sanchez

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