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Bug#315674: ITA: c2hs -- C->Haskell Interface Generator

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I use c2hs in a project that I'm developing and I need it in the newest
version. I've contacted the mantainer and he told me to adopt it
(atached message). I intend to package the new upstream version.

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* Marco Tulio Gontijo e Silva <marcot@minaslivre.org> [2005-06-23T22:14-0300]:
> it seems to me that c2hs is a little bit out-of-dated and I must use it
> in the newest version for a system that I'm developing. I will have to
> make a debian package for it, and, if you like, I could send that to
> you, or addopt this package, if you don't want to mantain it anymore.

I asked if somebody would like to adopt it, but so
far nobody stepped forward, so please go ahead.  :)

Unfortunately, currently I am lacking the time to do any significant
Haskell work.

> There are also a few bugs that are very simple to solve, and I would
> like to do it too.

Also, it would good to adapt the package to the new Debian Haskell
infrastructure (dh_haskell, cabal, etc.).  Besides that, updates are
pretty automatic, see uupdate/uscan from the devscripts package.

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