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Bug#315592: RFH aboot (Alpha bootloader): Looking for co-maintainers

Hello Peter,
On Fri, Jun 24, 2005 at 01:58:27AM +0200, Peter De Schrijver wrote:
> I'm willing to help you out on this. I have 6 alpha machines (4 of which
> are debian supported now, the other 2 are turbo channel machines for
> which I did some work to get the linux kernel to work, but they aren't
> ready yet). I also maintain the quik package (oldworld powermac
> bootloader) and comaintain sibyl (Broadcom swarm bootloader). I'm
> familiar with alpha, mips, powerpc and arm architectures. I hope I can
> help you here.

Great. Since I am not a DD, I will inform Steve Langasek, who did the
uploads and helped me a great deal with all the packaging details.

The first thing you can do is to check out our CVS from alioth
(pkg-aboot). I'll ask Steve to add you to the group and get a little
aqauinted with the source layout. Please ask if something is unclear,
... I cannot tell you the nitty gritty source details, but the overall
layout and the purpose of the various tools/directories etc. I know. 

Out of the bugs, I'd consider #270801 the most anyoing. Unfortunately,
netabootwrap is not in the upstream source, hence we are "on our own".
For #153176 and #222904 I tried to collect as much info as possible,
and also talked to upstream, but there is no solution yet. Please see
the logs. 

If you know how to add other FS, then #153666 might be fun for you.
Upstream is a little reluctant, though, to add more and more file
systems. Since a patch is available, the next thing would be to test,
if possible, and add it in the next upload which could deal with the
new policy version as well (haven't looked yet, what this would

Suggestions for #271180 are welocme as well.

A very important thing is, though, to keep aboot buildable (by
having machines to build and test on). 

And finally, I have the upstream e-mail adresses and can try to get
them working on it again. And documentation fixes I can submit both
for Debian as upstream (sourceforge) as well.

Long mail, short story: Thanks for joining, ask for details where you
need them and have fun!


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