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Bug#295760: Uploading ming to Debian

|--==> Erich Schubert writes:

  ES> Hi,
  ES> I was toying around with ming at some time, but development had stalled.
  ES> I was interested in the perl extension, and when development picked up
  ES> again, it was only focussed around the PHP extension, breaking the perl
  ES> extension (and I never got some of the other extensions to work).
  ES> I dislike PHP (most php apps are really bad code, but with fancy looks),
  ES> so I dropped it. I don't want to maintain a package I don't use myself.

  ES> Also I felt the need to check the code for potential security holes; I
  ES> have no idea if anyone has done that yet. Right now I wouldn't want to
  ES> run it on my web server... another reason not to provide a package.

Thanks for your reply, I understand all  your points. As it seems that
both me and  Klaus need libming,  I would consider working together on
the packaging.

I'm  short in time  too, but I  can do  something.  Klaus, what do you
think it's currently missing for  an actual  upload of you  unofficial



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