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Bug#295760: Uploading ming to Debian

|--==> Klaus Rechert writes:

  KR> Hi Free,
  KR> Am Montag, den 20.06.2005, 10:19 +0200 schrieb Free Ekanayaka:
  >>Hi Klaus,
  >>I've noticed  that  you published  some unofficial debian  packages of
  >>ming. Ming is needed to package ktoon, see:
  >>Are you interested  in maintaining the   ming package?  I'm  not yet a
  >>Debian Developer, but I  can find  somebody  to sponsor the upload  of
  >>your packages to the official Debian repository.
  KR> Yes i'm interested, but i was very busy.

I can help here.

  >>Another question: is the source package (.dsc, .diff.gz, .orig.tar.gz)
  >>of your binary packages available somewhere? 
  KR> not yet. basically i recycled Erich Schuberts official debs.

Oh, I didn't notice  that the package was  in Woody. Erich why was  it
removed in Sarge?

  KR> I can upload the sources sometime this week.

That   would be great. Please  consider   using mentors.debian.net for
this, subscribing is very straight and I got my account up and running
in a few  hours.  Very useful   to share source  packages and  prepare



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