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Bug#315292: ITP: monarch -- web-based configuration system for Nagios

hey alec,

On Tue, Jun 21, 2005 at 11:59:48PM -0400, Alec Berryman wrote:
> Thanks very much for the offer and I will certainly take you up on it
> - I subscribed myself to the alioth nagios mailing list earlier today
> to keep in the loop and was planning to submit my package there for
> review.

cool.  it's fairly low-volume as far as lists go, mostly bugs and
notifications of new uploads.

> My hesitation with using dbconfig-common now is that I plan on
> backporting monarch for use with a Sarge machine's Nagios install.

okay.  it's worth pointing out that dbconfig-common is completely
sarge-compatible too (it's just a bunch of debconf templates, shell
scripts, and wrappers around mysql/psql cli's), and has no
dependencies other than pwgen (for generating random passwords).

i guess that it's also worth pointing out that it's also fairly easy
to bring dbconfig-common in on packages that didn't previously use it,
though you can help yourself now by storing the password information in a
machine-readable (php/perl/shell) config file.

> I'll probably do an initial packaging just using debconf so I have
> something workable and installable and then transition to
> dbconfig-common.  I plan to have monarch working this week so I'll be
> able to give you feedback on dbconfig-common before it hits sid.

cool.  i currently don't know of any issues minus a particularity with
postgres databases and schema permissions, so any feedback is welcome.



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