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Bug#315292: ITP: monarch -- web-based configuration system for Nagios

Hi Sean, thanks for your email.

sean finney on 2005-06-21 20:42:42 -0400:

> as the maintainer of the nagios packages, i'd be happy to work with you
> on having monarch and nagios cooperate together as cleanly and
> effectively as possible. 

Thanks very much for the offer and I will certainly take you up on it
- I subscribed myself to the alioth nagios mailing list earlier today
to keep in the loop and was planning to submit my package there for

> also, wrt the database-related aspect of monarch, you might be
> interested in another package (coming to sid in a few weeks, hopefully),
> dbconfig-common[1].

I just looked through the dbconfig-common docs and it looks great -
dbconfig-common eliminates many of the problems I have begun to
tackle and will make updates simple.

My hesitation with using dbconfig-common now is that I plan on
backporting monarch for use with a Sarge machine's Nagios install.
I'll probably do an initial packaging just using debconf so I have
something workable and installable and then transition to
dbconfig-common.  I plan to have monarch working this week so I'll be
able to give you feedback on dbconfig-common before it hits sid.

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