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Bug#290304: What about uploading phonegaim?

|--==> Samuel Mimram writes:

  SM> Hi,
  SM> Free Ekanayaka wrote:
  >>I've noticed that you've built unofficial packages for phonegaim here:
  >>is there any  specific reason for not  uploading them to Debian? I can
  >>help in testing or packaging if needed..

  SM> Yes. In fact there are three main reasons why I did not upload phonegaim.

  SM> 1. The main one is that phonegaim's upstream is very unresponsive and 
  SM> unwilling to cooperate. Basically what they say is that they provide the 
  SM> source but *that's all*. I've tried to contact them some time ago for a 
  SM> compilation problem and the answer I got was in substance "you are not a 
  SM> linspire user so we won't help you, try some public forums instead". I'd 
  SM> be glad to find out that I'm wrong or that this has changed.

  SM> 2. The second reason is that phonegaim uses an old version of linphone 
  SM> (<< 1.0). I'm maintaining linphone and linphone's upstream is nice (but 
  SM> does not have so much free time), so I could make the nessary changes in 
  SM> linphone package to provide the necessary libraries but again there 
  SM> would surely be some modifications to make in phonegaim's source and we 
  SM> would need the help of phonegaim's developers. Please let me know if you 
  SM> manage to do some things in this way.

  SM> 3. I expect phonegaim package to be a bit time consuming since users 
  SM> would surely want backport of functionalities of gaim (security fixes in 
  SM> particular). I guess I could handle that though if the two points above 
  SM> were solved.

The situation  is actually more complex  than I  thought. I'll think a
little  bit  about  it and see   if  there's some way   to have better
contacts with Linspire people. By chance  I have a Linspire box (still
brand new, never used), thus I might be considered a little more.

I'll let you know.



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