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Bug#295760: ktoon depends on libming

|--==> Juan Manuel Garcia Molina writes:

  JMGM> [1  <text/plain; iso-8859-1 (quoted-printable)>]
  JMGM> Hi, Free.

  JMGM> On Tuesday 14 June 2005 12:43, Free Ekanayaka wrote:
  >>what's the status of this bug? Do you need help with it?

  JMGM> Basically, the situation remains the same that on my last message: before 
  JMGM> inserting ktoon into Debian, it should be a libming package there.

  JMGM> I've been extremely busy last months, and I have not been able to advance in 
  JMGM> packaging this tool. Fortunately, I will start my holidays in few days, so I 
  JMGM> expect start working hard on ktoon soon.

  JMGM> As there are two task (package libming and upload it into Debian, and package 
  JMGM> ktoon and upload it into Debian), your help will be welcome. Please, contact 
  JMGM> with me in 10-15 days and we should start working.

  >>There's an unofficial libming package here:
  >>(sources.list entry deb http://klaus.geekserver.net/debian binary/)

  JMGM> The target should be let ktoon enter Debian. There is a previous step (let 
  JMGM> libming enter Debian), so this should be a good starting point to work on 
  JMGM> complete the first task.

I'm available  to deal with any part  of these tasks (both libming and
ktoon). If  you wish I can prepare  you the playground  by starting to
work on libming right now, so that you can concentrate on ktoon later.



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