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Bug#248048: wmi ITP

On Wed, Jun 01, 2005 at 10:49:00PM -0700, Matt Taggart wrote:
> > as wmi is dead and it's successor wmii was released yesterday I'm going
> > to close this bug.
> Would it be useful to have both in Debian? Is wmii stable enough yet? Is there 
> any reason people would prefer wmi over wmii? Sorry I didn't get to this yet.

wmi is not maintained any longer and quite buggy (mostly smaller
annoying ones). wmii do have it's share of bugs too. There should be
roughly 2 major releases/year, and additionally minor bugfix releases of
the current major version as they are needed. That means that after the
release yesterday many bugs will be discovered due to the broader
audience, which will result in a bugfix release soon. IMHO It is
already mature enough for unstable. 

wmii is different then wmi and requires some learning in the beginning.
All in all one can emulate the wmi behaviour close enough that I think
all/most people will switch sooner or later. I don't think the
remaining ones justify to add an unmaintained, upstream death, buggy
package into debian.  There is an unofficial debian repo for them:
deb http://wegi.net/debian unstable/

> I'll take a look when I get a chance. If someone beats me to it that's fine 
> too.

Thanks :) 


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