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Bug#303198: Bug#307784: pam-pgsql: CAN-2004-0366

Severity #307366 Grave
Merge #307784 #307366
Thanks dear bugtracking system.

On Fri, May 06, 2005 at 09:10:17PM +0200, Primoz wrote:
> Is there a way to revert the upload to the NMUed one (which had security
> problems fixed), so package stays in sarge. I would need at least a week
> to 14 days to port pam-mysql to pgsql (which seems like the best way to
> go).

Yes: Release a new package containing the changes of the NMU. The
simplest and fastest way is to download the sources from
include the NMU changelog entries (i.e. copy debian/changelog from the
current source) and re-release it without other source changes as
0.5.2-9 or higher.


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