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Bug#300464: RFS: phpicalendar -- clean, logical iCal/vCalendar web interface

On Apr 11, 2005, at 3:09 AM, Andreas Barth wrote:


* ms419@freezone.co.uk (ms419@freezone.co.uk) [050411 04:10]:
Both Chad & I really look forward to making this package part of Debian
- please consider sponsoring it : )

Actually, I would really like to sponsor this package. However, on a
first review, I'm a bit uncertain about the following bits:

* Many lintian errors (please run lintian by yourself to see them :)
* apache doesn't need to be restarted, reloading is enough
* I'm not sure why you need to ask so many questions - isn't it enough
  to ask about reloading of the servers once? Most people don't have
  such complicated setups.

Thanks so much for your interest & your feedback!

Lucas Wall also expressed interest in sponsoring this package - I made all the helpful corrections I received & built a new package - http://cgi.sfu.ca/~jdbates/debian/pool/phpicalendar/

What do you think?

Thanks again!


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