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Bug#288081: who wants to package it?!

#include <hallo.h>
* Eduard Bloch [Sun, Mar 06 2005, 02:43:49PM]:

> I (lufs-cryptofs maintainer) support it! lufs-cryptofs is nice but needs
> to be audited and I do not like the code, especially because LUFS is
> dead upstream. encfs seems to be much better, and I want to get rid of
> CFS (that I currently use) RSN.

PS: I see trouble coming. The package uses openssl but also the fuse
library which is licensed under the GPL (without the OpenSSL remark). So
the only way around this is:

 - replace openssl with gcrypt or such
 - add an exception to the GPL license of fuse (permission to link with

Wer wirklich noch einen 4.x-Browser benutzt, dem kann leider nicht mehr
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                                              // Michael Kleinhenz, lt2k-ml

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