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Bug#216878: yale and gliese

I'm about to apply as a NM and would like to adopt yale and gliese for a 
sponsored upload. They seem quite simple (little or none upstream activity 
and lintian cleannness, as you said).

I'm aware of your wish of integrating the use of astronomical data of the 
different GUIs present in Debian to avoid redundancy.

Also, I superficially read some discussion about licensing issues of stellar 
catalogs and scientific data (two bugs and a thread on debian-devel), but 
haven't got a clear idea about the situation of these two catalogs. They are 
in non-free but, is this because of lack of information about their license 
or because of positive knowledge of their non-DFSG license? Has the upstream 
of these packages been contacted to clarify this?

Thanks :)

Gabriel Rodríguez Alberich

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