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Bug#185650: Updating ITP of ices2 - was ices

retitle 185650 ITP: ices2 -- Ogg Vorbis streaming source for Icecast 2

Hello BTS, WNPP:

ices upstream is currently maintaining two branches of development:
ices0, which streams MP3 to either Icecast 1, 2, or Shoutcast; and
ices2, which streams Ogg Vorbis to Icecast 2.  At some point, MP3
support might be added to ices2, but no concrete plans have been
announced to this end, and for the time being it makes sense to include
both in Debian.  This may still be the case come sarge release time.

The current Debian maintainer for icecast-server has previously
expressed interest in creating ices0 packages, so I'm renaming my
ices2 packages to avoid any potential namespace conflicts.  There
shouldn't be any versioning issues, since no ices packages have yet
entered the main archive.  (Actually, I hope if anyone does create ices0
packages, they will use the source and binary package names 'ices0' -
this is how upstream refers to this strangely-numbered software, since
it's the only way to avoid redundancy.)

Updated sid packages are available from my apt source:

deb http://rune.thebasement.org/~ice/debian keegan main
deb-src http://rune.thebasement.org/~ice/debian keegan main

The first Debian revision of these packages Conflict and Replace the
last revision of my packages named 'ices' - these control fields will be
removed in the next revision, to avoid cruft and prevent potential
conflicts with any future ices packages.  I recommend that anyone who
used the old 'ices' packages upgrade immediately.

Sponsorship requests would be gladly welcomed, although the transition
outlined in the last paragraph should be completed before an upload, and
I'll need a changelog entry that Closes: this ITP bug.

Here is the full, updated ITP information, for completeness - comments
on this final long description are welcome:

Package: wnpp
Version: unavailable; reported 2003-07-14
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : ices2
  Version         : 2.0.cvs${date}
  Upstream Author : The Icecast Team <icecast@xiph.org>
* URL             : http://www.icecast.org/
* License         : GPL
  Description     : Ogg Vorbis streaming source for Icecast 2

This software is used to source Icecast 2 streaming audio 
servers with Ogg Vorbis audio streams.  It supports both
live audio input from a soundcard and re-encoding of Ogg
Vorbis files from a playlist.

Thanks, and sorry about clogging the BTS with such a long message about
an unofficial package,

 - Keegan

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