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Bug#109220: Gftp Debian Package

Hi, Aurélien!

I have lots of work for you :-))))

Aurélien Beaujean dijo:
> I correct minors bugs and wishlist items #126134, #123932 and #116619.

On my first, quick look, I have seen that debhelper thinks this is a
native Debian package, wich is wrong. You have to:

$ cp gftp-2.0.10.tar.gz gftp_2.0.10.orig.tar.gz

before you build the package. See the underscore "_", it means the name
of the package ends there. The .orig. part means this is what you
downloaded from upstream's site.

On debian/changelog you should state that you are adopting the package
and that it is no longer orphaned. I suggest:

 * New mantainer (Closes: #109220)

On debian/docs, you may want to include:
which may be useful to the final user.

On debian/menu, you may want to include an entry for the icon. Convert
docs/gftp.png to xpm using whatever app you like (Gimp, Imagemagick's
convert...) and add an Icon entry.

On debian/control, please check:
to see if you can upgrade the package's Standards-Version: to
This document is a simple list of changes that should be made to
packages to make them be up to date. This is not very important at this
moment, but it is a nice thing to do. This file comes with the package
debian-policy. Install it, memorize it ;-) or just use it as reference
and good advice.

On debian/rules, please change export DH_COMPAT=2 to DH_COMPAT=3, as
this is the debhelper version you are using.

If you want, you can send a patch to the upstream developer regarding
the xpm you changed. I personally like it a lot :-)
Also send a patch for the corrected German translation.
First, introduce yourself, explain what you are doing in Debian, and
then warn him that you will be sending him bugs from now on, and include
the patches, he will love you! ;-)

I think this is not a lot of work, and probably gopal@debian.org should
be asking you to do all this for your Tasks and Skills and not me, but I
am going to upload the package to Debian, and I want to do it soon,
beacuse I think it will benefit users. IMHO, gftp is the only decent
grafical FTP client, and they deserve the latest version. So I am going
going to upload the best possible package :-)

I keep an CC to the bug number so that it's easy for Gopal to see that
you have been working hard.

I also have to also congratulate you as the package is lintian clean!
Lintian is a wonderful tool :-) that checks for common errors and points
them out. 

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any doubts regarding
all these requests, and you can also find useful comments on the
debian-mentors@lists.debian.org mailing list. People is there to help,
don't be afraid to ask. 

Thank you for your work on Debian.

 .''`.      "No tengo el coño pa ruidos" -- David Amor, dear friend
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