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Bug#109220: Gftp Debian Package

Le lundi 24 décembre 2001 à 21:09, Amaya écrivait:
> You don't have to be one to place an ITA (Intend To Adopt).
> If you seriously intend to package and mantain newer versions of gftp,
> please place one. 


> The sources.list entry to use would the look like this:
> deb http://abj.free.fr/debian/ ./
> deb-src http://abj.free.fr/debian ./
> Test this setup and place a note, like a README file with the lines
> above.

Ok. That's done.

> Please also upgrade the package to the latest upstream version

I will do that tomorrow and replace the gftp-2.0.9 by gftp-2.0.10 in the
http://abj.free.fr/debian/gftp/ directory and Josip could upload them.

> Once Josip uploads your new packages, get in touch with bug submitters,
> ask them if bugs are fixed in the new version. Close the ones that are, 
> work on the ones that aren't. Start getting the taste of what it means
> to work in Debian. A great experience.

Thank you for all these advice.

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