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Bug#123250: acknowledged by developer (Fwd: mozilla-locale-es-es_0 .9.5-4_i386.changes is NEW (Tue, Dec 25, 2001 at 08:52:47PM +0100))

On Wed, Dec 26, 2001 at 01:51:10AM +0100, Jordi Mallach wrote:
> Hm. The package hasn't been installed yet, you just got NEW.

If I had put a 'closes:#123250' in debian/changelog, it'd have been
closed too. Maybe you should talk to ftp-masters. See #126175.

> Anyway, my real concern is about the package name. Shouldn't it be
> mozilla-locale-es? Is there anything that makes it Spain dependant?

I followed the ISO codes, just like there's a mozilla-locale-de-at

Both are valid because Spanish is talked in more than one country. If
you live in Spain, you probably use es_ES as your locales and I use
fr_BE as a Belgian French-speaking person.

Does it make sense to you ?

Someone might want to make a mozilla-locale-es-mx package, etc.

Try  'zless /usr/share/doc/locales/SUPPORTED.gz |grep ^es' ;)



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