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Bug#109542: What's wrong with policy-compliant packaging


Could you say a bit more about difficulties with "policy abiding packaging" ?
I've looked at its sources and I don't see anything special... 

Furthermore, I don't know any good working alternatives, because:

1. WebPerf is good for reachability checking of your service, not for
performance and load tests
2. Apache Benchmark is too simple
3. Every Java based programm I've seen (JMeter, Grinder) is IMHO suitable for
performance testing of workstation running test engine, not webserver
being tested.

So, if you don't know really good alternatives - say something about
"packaging pain" with siege, please. Before sending of ITP I'd like to know
where the problem is.

Best regards,


"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they
fight you. Then you win." - Mohandas Gandhi.

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