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Bug#122929: wpoison to be included in Debian

In message <[🔎] 20011212193551.D443@aragorn>, you wrote:

>Hi Ronald,
>On Mon, 10 Dec 2001 20:01:54 Ronald F. Guilmette wrote:
>> So will you please set up the packages so that the installer sees the
>> part of the copyright that says that he/she must put the icon and link
>> on their home page?
>ok, do you want a textual copy of it? or do you prefer something like:
>Wpoison's license explicitally requests that you MUST place a link to
>its official website in some place of your server's webpages. Please
>refer to /usr/share/doc/wpoison/copyright for details.

Replace the word `requests' with `requires'.

Replace the phrase `in some place of your server's webpages' with the
phrase `along with a copy of the official Wpoison icon on your web
site's home page.''

>(the copyright file always will contain your license and some notes
>explaining that a the logo is mirrored in /usr/share/wpoison/)
>> The current version of Wpoison is written in Perl.  (You have that right?
>yes, perl is one of the base system packages in debian.

No.  I meant to ask you if you have the current version OF WPOISON.

>> If you really feel that I absolutely need to make changes in the language
>> of the (current) copyright/license, then please send me context diffs of
>> what you suggest.
>I'm afraid i can't; any debian user could read the license and report me
>redistributing the logo to link it would violate clausse 4, but i have no
>on sending you some diffs.

What you wrote above makes no sense in English.

Please try again.

Are you going to send me some context diffs?  Yes or no?

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