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Bug#122929: wpoison to be included in Debian

Hi Ronald,

On Mon, 10 Dec 2001 20:01:54 Ronald F. Guilmette wrote:
> So will you please set up the packages so that the installer sees the
> part of the copyright that says that he/she must put the icon and link
> on their home page?

ok, do you want a textual copy of it? or do you prefer something like:

Wpoison's license explicitally requests that you MUST place a link to
its official website in some place of your server's webpages. Please
refer to /usr/share/doc/wpoison/copyright for details.

(the copyright file always will contain your license and some notes
explaining that a the logo is mirrored in /usr/share/wpoison/)

> The current version of Wpoison is written in Perl.  (You have that right?

yes, perl is one of the base system packages in debian.

> It is version 1.07.)  because of that, there is no need for any
> configuring
> of the thing, and thus no need for any configuration step.

Although 'config' is normally used for package configuration, it
will be displaying the license message in this case.

> If you really feel that I absolutely need to make changes in the language
> of the (current) copyright/license, then please send me context diffs of
> what you suggest.

I'm afraid i can't; any debian user could read the license and report me
redistributing the logo to link it would violate clausse 4, but i have no
on sending you some diffs.

> >no problem, got a 'gif2png' tool for that purpose. I'm attaching a PNG
> >version of your logo.
> Can you just put that into the package you are creating (please)?

no problem, while wpoison's license allows redistribution of either the
original logo or the PNG version.

> Another question:  Is there any degradation when converting from GIF to
> PNG?  If so, then maybe I should go back to my original icon work...
> saved
> in Ulead PhotoImpact 5... and export it again, but this time as a PNG.
> (Actually I don't even know if PhotoImpact will do that... export to a
> .PNG file... but I can check if it is important.)

the difference if it exists is not noticeable to my eyes. don't worry on

I'll send you the diffs as soon as i can

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