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Bug#88502: manpages-fi

Are you still going to adopt manpages-fi? You sent the ITA in May and
have responded to a message late August saying that you'd finalize
things "this week".

As I wrote in my original RFA, the manpages are probably outdated or
just inaccurate. If you are going to update them, it could be useful if
you knew the language the manpages are written in, which in this case is

I intend to move this bug to ftp.debian.org as a request to remove the
package, hopefully in time so that it will not be released with woody.

If you are going to update the manpages and adopt the package, please
speak up.

 Teemu Hukkanen - <tjhukkan@iki.fi> - 0x3B0BB9A9

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