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Bug#121171: RFP: mpb -- computing states of electromagnetic media

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

MPB (the MIT Photonic-Bands package) computes definite-frequency
eigenstates of Maxwell's equations in periodic dielectric structures for
arbitrary wavevectors, using fully-vectorial and three-dimensional
methods. It is especially designed for the study of photonic crystals
(a.k.a. photonic band-gap materials), but is also applicable to many other
problems in optics, such as waveguides and resonator systems. (For
example, it can solve for the modes of waveguides with arbitrary
cross-sections.)  See:


MPB is licensed under the GNU GPL.  It depends on several packages that
are already in Debian/unstable, along with one additional LGPL library
called libctl that is distributed along with MPB at:


Josselin Mouette has already created tentative Debian packages of MPB and


The simplest thing might be to certify her as a Debian developer, so that
she can take charge of official packages (she has expressed interest to me
in doing this).

Steven G. Johnson

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