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Bug#120691: RFP: crystal -- Free and portable 3d game development kit.

Hi Daniel

>  Just a note: those packages are really badly done; if someone does
> base a Debian package on them, they'll want to do some serious cleanup
> (the dependencies are screwed up, they dump user binaries in /usr/lib,
> crystalspace is missing a shlibs file, menufiles are messed up...) -- but on
> the other hand, the author seems to have done the hard work of getting
>Crystal to install nicely into a packagable format.
>  Daniel

The things you call user binaries are considered by the developpers as
demo software, that's 
why I put all this in /usr/lib/crystalspace/bin.

The shared libs files are specifics to crystalspace loaders, so I did
the same that I found in
apache package, and put this in /usr/lib/crystalspace/lib

The way that is used by developers tu use the libs is to set CRYSTAL var
to /usr/lib/crystalspace/
And then every things allow then to use the lib

If you want to patch, modify, upload the package, you can do it

I'm also ready to take in account your remarks, advices, flames,

I uploaded a new version that I think better this morning

I added an advice on the page that you could find on crystalspace home

> Here is what Christian tells about its limitations: 
>     Dependencies are maybe not fully complete yet. 
>     Gnome menu only contains Blocks application. 
> There are three packages: 
>     doc containing html documentation. 
>     dev containing headers and lib files. 
>     main package. 

There are new data and demos package still at

I just want to RTFM a little bit more before entering the NM process


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